When you are ready to lose the gut, you have just committed to a healthier more improved you. Belly fat can cause many health problems including heart disease and diabetes. A beer belly is not just from drinking beer, it’s caused by eating many more calories than you should and lack of exercise over a time.

Alcohol burns your liver instead of fat. When you enjoy several mugs of beer along with your favorite fattening foods like pizza, wings or a burger the calories add up and the lack of activity increases. Over time, the belly protrudes and before you know it, your stomach is hanging over the top of your pants because all of those excess calories are stored as fat. UGH!

There is no immediate cure to lose the gut, but by trying these tips on a regular basis will certainly make a difference.

Drink water

Alternate your drinks. Have a beer and before the second mug, opt for a glass of water. The water will keep you hydrated and make you more full, so you will intake a little less beer. An average can of beer is 150 calories. When you drink 3 beers that’s 450 calories. Instead, if you have 2 beers and 1 glass of water, you’ve just saved yourself 150 calories. It makes a huge difference over time.

Go for a run

Aerobic exercise like running are great ways to help reduce body fat. Don’t like running, try swimming or cycling. Aerobic exercise also strengthen your heart and lungs and burns calories in addition to reducing the risk of health issues like type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol.

Take the stairs

Did you know that if you frequently climb the stairs you can burn more calories per minute than if you jogged? Stair climbing also builds muscle tone and reduces tension. Try taking the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator to get the body moving, increase your heart beat and legs toned.

When you have a heart condition or current knee, hip or back problems, take caution when climbing. As of matter of fact, it’s important that you check with your doctor before stair climbing on a regular basis or participating an any type of exercise.

Pile your plate with protein

Protein can be found in many foods including eggs, meat, beans, seafood, cheese and soy. Eating protein rich foods make you feel full, as a result you may eat less. To lose belly fat, it is suggested that you replace some carbs and fats with lean protein. Your muscles are made mostly with protein, so when you eat more protein, you build more muscle.

Eat less sugar

Reducing your consumption of pastries and sweets are simply better for you. These foods are often high in calories and fats offering great taste but no nutritional benefit. If cakes and cookies are your weakness, start by eating smaller portions. Try substituting with options that are less in fat and sugar or try a piece of fruit, you’d be amazed how fulfilling that can be.

Lift some weights

Lifting weights strengthens muscle and reduced metabolism. Leaving you leaner and toned.

Get some rest

When you don’t get enough sleep you may suffer from “metabolic grogginess” a term defined by a study conducted by University of Chicago researchers who studied a group of people who did not get enough sleep over a four-day time frame.

Lack of sleep within four days can disrupt your body’s use of insulin, which could cause the fat to be stored instead of preventing storage and causing other health related problems.

When you don’t get enough rest, you tend to not think clearly, making it difficult to function, especially when you are extremely tired.

Improper sleep habits also lead to improper eating habits. You may crave the wrong foods, more late nights and not exercise because you don’t have the energy to get up and go.

Balance sleep and exercise with healthier eating to help reduce your belly and have more energy throughout the day.


Make a difference in your body by adding these tips to your daily schedule. There is no quick fix to reduce your beer gut or lose weight, it’s a lifestyle change. It takes work, but the rewards are lasting, healthy and fantastic to see.

As a reminder before beginning any diet and/or exercise program, please consult with your physician.

How will you work on reducing your beer gut?

Let me know in the comments below.