If you’re in the market for a fitness tool to help measure your weight loss and weight management success, consider a fitness tracker. Find out how they work so you can understand how to use one before making an investment. For instance, cyclists and runners might get more use out of a gadget that has GPS availability as opposed to someone who only needs to monitor steps or their heart rate.
Selecting the right fitness device can help ensure that you aren’t spending too much on one that you won’t utilize the features of, or vice versa purchasing a device that doesn’t do enough. We have also included some standalone apps that can help you with tracking you workouts without investing much money.

Garmin Vivosmart HR+

This easy to learn fitness band by Garmin is at the top of or list of devices that will help you reach any fitness goal in mind. The beautiful touch display allows you to swipe through you workout data and shows clearly when exposed to bright sunlight. The Vivosmart HR+ calculates steps, stairs climbed, calories burned, and distance traveled as accurately as possible.

Garmin’s special heart rate technology will track heart rate information all throughout the day. The built in GPS accurately tracks pace and distance traveled then maps out the route taken so you can take the same path again and records completion times.

Other features include incoming or missed call alerts, weather, and calendar alerts which keep you in the loop without having to constantly look at you phone while performing. Using this band, you can even play music and change songs when connected to you device via Bluetooth. There is a single menu button that brings up more options that include training activities, activities history, alarm options, Bluetooth options, and “a do not disturb” option that stops notifications.

This fitness band is also waterproof and shock resistant, so it will withstand however you choose to take control of you fitness. This is a great device to help keep you accountable with how many calories you’re burning, steps you’re taking, distance you’re running, cycling or swimming etc.

Fitbit Charge 2

The predecessor to the number one fitness band, the Fitbit charge 2 is at the same $150 price point with a bunch of new features. This year’s model has a larger display which now features call, text, and calendar notifications.

Fitbit’s pinpoint PurePulse heart rate sensor helps monitor you resting heart rate, monitors you heart rate zones all throughout the day. The Charge 2 even monitors breathing and features a guided breathing session option. There are also new sports trackers that can help you track you running biking, weight lifting, and interval workouts like never before.

One downside to this device is that it lacks a built in GPS, but it can however use you smartphone’s GPS to track you pace speed and distance while running or biking when connected via Bluetooth. Another feature that this model still lacks which is maybe the only reason why it isn’t number one on our list is that it is not waterproof or even water-resistant.

There are also new customization options with a variety of colorful textured bands to choose from. With an average battery life of 5 days, the Charge 2 will keep recording you workouts and sleeping patterns days at a time.

Don’t forget to use the Fitbit app which lets you see how fit you are and how you compare to friends and family or others in you age range. The app also has suggestions for burning more calories bringing you health score up.

Fitbit Alta HR


Yes, another Fitbit on our top list of fitness trackers because of their beautiful designs and standout features. The original Fitbit Alta model was pretty sleek and we loved it, but this go around Fitbit claims this to be the slimmest tracker to have a continuous heart rate sensor, which is a new feature for the Alta line hence the HR.

The Alta HR tracks steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, active minutes and will even remind you to get up and get active when too much time has gone by. This battery will last a full week on a single charge which is one of our favorite features.

This device also features Fitbit’s SmartTrack auto exercise recognition system which can tell the difference between running, walking and cycling without having to select before each workout.

The Alta HR is the first Fitbit to have a feature that not only measures when you’re sleeping, but differentiates light deep from REM sleep cycles as opposed to just recording how long you’re asleep.

There is a decent collection of bands to choose from to customize you tracker like metal and leather. This Powerhouse can also notify you of calls text messages and calendar notifications. With this sleek modern build and amazing battery life you can’t go wrong choosing this tracker for managing you fitness.


Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro


This feature-packed Samsung device is beautifully designed and has an amazing full color display unlike any we’ve seen in a fitness tracker. Our favorite feature, which sets this device apart from other fitness trackers, is that it is truly water resistant. Not only can it be submerged up to 50 meters, but also has a salt water resistance which means you can even swim with it in the ocean.

For athletes who are swimmers or constantly exposed to wet conditions, this might be the device to choose. The Gear Fit 2 Pro’s built in GPS will accurately track and record workout routes in real time.

Another feature that makes this device stand out is the 4 GB internal memory. In conjunction with Spotify, you can store up to 500 songs directly on the device so you can enjoy music without needing to connect to you phone.

The heart rate sensor continuously helps you track calories burned and calorie intake. Powered by Under Armour, there are standalone apps for dieting guides and competing with friends, which can help take control of you weight and making better use of workout time.

One downside to having a full color display and pinpoint GPS on this size of wearable is that the battery life is limited to a few hours. Charging the device daily or every other day is worth the charge time for the quality of image and water resistance.

Moov Now


The Moov Now hardware is actually a very simple singular device. This device has no display nor does it have any buttons or vibration function which is very different compared to any other Fitness tracker on the market.

This device doesn’t have to charge, so no charge port and has an amazing battery life of over 6 months with a single replaceable battery. The Moov comes with two bands that the hardware slips in and out of, one for you wrist and a longer band for you ankle.

It records both physical activity like how many calories are burned and sleeping patters all throughout the day and send the information via Bluetooth to the Moov app on you cell phone. The Moov app has several menus that shows activity broken down very clearly and colorfully.

One of the key features of the device and app are its special verbal coaching options. The device can coach you on you form after analyzing you body movement with a special 9-axis Omni motion sensor.

This powerful technology continuously monitors form and minimizes chance of injury while pushing you to you limits. The Moov app also offers level systems that increase gradually in intensity. So as you get stronger and repeat the same routines, and begin to burn fewer calories, Moov recognizes this adjusts you routine to keep you growing.

It even features interval training lets you push hard and recover fast, leading to better results. The bottom line is that this is a fitness tool that will get you results.

Pick your fitness tracker, manage your movement, optimize your workouts.