Planning a trip, but not sure what to do to stick to your diet? I’ve discovered several solutions that will help you when you’re away. Traveling and dining can be a challenge, regardless of whether it’s for work or vacation.

Take a few moments to review this checklist so you can implement your success strategies to stick to your diet when  you’re away.

  1. Plan ahead – Sit down and really plan your days. I like to start with a simple chart showing how many days I will be away. Don’t for get to include travel to and from days. For each day you’ll need to think about breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
    • What foods can you pack and take along? Small packable items are best, especially for snacks.
    • What restaurants will you dine? What’s on the menu? Narrow this down to two or three choices so you will know in advance what to order.
    • Always eat breakfast and  a balanced lunch. Lighten up at dinner, maybe a side salad and entree. Avoid the bread basket or limit yourself to one roll. If possible share dessert, order the smaller portion or skip and opt for fruit instead.

  2. Find the Best Deals of the Day!

  3. Avoid traveling hungry or arriving at the restaurant hungry. Have a piece of fruit, glass of water, protein bar, veggies or other healthy options. Doing this will keep you from over eating and ordering more than you can consume in one sitting.
  4. If you are going to a buffet, start with the salad bar. If possible use a salad plate or small plate when you select your main meal. Choose two vegetables, one meat  or protein. Don’t go for seconds unless you are really hungry. Drink water between plates (it fills you up). Select one dessert.
  5. Take your time. It’s okay to eat slowly. Sip water between bites. You will fill up faster and that’s okay.
  6. It’s okay to leave food on your plate. I know it’s the opposite of what many of us were taught growing up. You were always told to “eat all of your food”. It’s okay to leave some food on your plate. It’s also okay to eat 1/2 your food and request the other 1/2 be wrapped for you to have another day.
  7. Limit the alcohol. Empty calories, without benefits.
  8. Have a great time!

In the comments below, share a tip that has worked for you.


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