As we enter a New Year and new decade, it’s time to not only reflect upon your accomplishments of the last year, but the last decade.

Ask yourself:

  • What have I done that I’m really proud of?
  • What would I have loved to do but did not or could not?
  • What do I want to do going forward?
  • How can I be my best self?

Why all these questions about me do you wonder? Because 2020 is the Year of an Improved You. That’s right, it’s time for you to celebrate your wins and create new wins for yourself this year. 

Here is what I want you to do for yourself:

  1. Schedule “me time” every day, even if it’s only for 10 minutes. This is your time to sit, meditate, think, walk in place, or take a deep breath. In other words, it’s time for you to do something for you. 
  2. Plan to do something you love at least once a month. What is it you love to do or missed doing? For me, I decided to plan a lunch date with friends because I seem to be the one who is always to busy to make every events. What will you add to your plan? 
  3. Call someone you haven’t spoke to in a while. You know that person you keep saying, I’m going to call him or her and it’s been a long time and you still haven’t done it. Do it today, you will feel so much better afterwards because of the re-connection. 
  4. Take in some culture. Visit a library or museum. Did you know that many museums offer special days and times when admission is free? Take a look at an exhibit or two. Bring your camera, take some photos. Doing this gives you a different prospective and understanding of art and cultures. It’s also a perfect reason to get out. And, you can even take the family and make it a great experience. 
  5. Help someone in need. There are many ways to help others that won’t break the bank. When you help others, it also helps your character, confidence and shows heart. 
    1. Donate a slightly worn coat to help keep someone warm. 
    2. Give someone a compliment. It’s amazing how you can make someone feel better by giving a genuine compliment. 
    3. Listen. Sometimes people just need someone to listen and show they care. 
    4. Volunteer for a non-profit organization or shelter. A couple hours of your time is worth so much more to those you help. 
    5. Buy someone a cup of coffee or make an extra lunch to give to someone who would appreciate it. It’s amazing how these acts of kindness go a long way. 
    6. Donate books to your local library. 
  6. Swap and Share your playlist with a friend. It’s so much fun to do. You could discover new music that you love. 
  7. Create a vision board featuring the things you want to do and achieve this year. This is your reminder and motivator for making things happen. 
  8. Take new photos of yourself and update your images on social media. Out with the old! It’s time the world discover the new you. You are the most amazing  you’ve ever been. And besides, a  new photo spices things up. Try it. 

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade! 

Please take a moment to tell me what you’ve done, share your new photos or add other awesome things others can do to make it a New Year, An Improved Me.