Are you tired throughout your day?

Two cups of coffee in the morning not enough?

Is your concentration level pretty low?

Ready for a nap at 11:00am 11am?

So tired you can sleep anywhere? 

I find that all my best ideas come to me when I sleep. -Megan McCafferty

Insomnia occurs when you can’t sleep, wake up too early or are restless in bed because you can’t seem to relax when you fall asleep. This may cause all kinds of problems like stress, inability to think clearly, feelings of being tired all day and eating the wrong foods hoping you will be re-energized.

Generally speaking a good nights rest is important for your body, your mind and overall health.

Try these tips to help you sleep better:


Begin to wind down an hour before bedtime. Listen to soft music. Try deep breathing exercises and/or medication. Avoid caffeine, alcohol or nicotine.

Set a bedtime schedule you can follow

Develop a bedtime routine so your body knows it’s time to go to sleep. By winding down your physical activities and following a set routine prior to bed, your body will start to associate some of these actions with going to sleep. Remember the cup of hot milk mom would give you as a child that gave you a warm cozy feeling? Milk contains tryptophan, it’s a protein that helps to promote sleep. Milk is also good for you.

If you cannot drink milk, how about a cup of chamomile tea? Chamomile calms your nerves and is great for relaxation.

Spray your room with lavender

Lavender is known to help reduce anxiety, calm the nervous system and lower your heart rate resulting in relaxing effects. You can find lavender in many forms including plants, essential oils and room sprays.

Not a lavender lover? Try these alternatives with great calming properties.

  • lemon
  • bergamont
  • jasmine
  • ylang ylang
  • clary sage

Turn your bedroom into a sleep only zone

Make your bedroom your sleep-room. Turn the lights off as soon as you get into bed. Don’t read, eat or watch television in your bedroom, or do any activity that is not sleep related. Make sure the room is dark and cozy; add extra pillows, and your favorite blanket or teddy bear.

When you make your bedroom a clutter free, noise free sleep environment, you provide a personal space for relaxation.

Relax and clear your mind before bed

Clear your mind of the day’s activities or things that are due to be done tomorrow. Create a task list for tomorrow. Journal your accomplishments for today (you’ll be amazed how it will put your mind at 11:00am ease knowing you actually did get things done). Be sure to plan time to accomplish some tasks in advance like deciding what you’ll wear or packing a lunch.

Plan ahead to get more time for yourself

Don’t jam pack your day with everything you need to accomplish this week. Instead, schedule your tasks and while you’re add it, schedule in a break for yourself.

Delegate the things you don’t have to do. For example, I have young adults/teens in my household so tasks like putting away the dishes or taking care of the trash are assigned to the kids. It teaches them valuable life skills and you free up time for yourself. Do the same at 11:00am work if possible, even if you are the only one running your business. Use sights like Freelancer and Fiver to hire someone to handle a few virtual tasks for at 11:00am little as $5-20. It’s amazing how much more you will be able to accomplish.

Eat a balanced diet

A balanced diet is essential to a balanced mind. If you’re lacking in essential vitamins and minerals your body cannot operate at 11:00am it’s best. Optimize your performance level by making sure you keep healthy choices around for snacking and meal preparation.

Don’t lie in bed if you can’t sleep

When you are lying in bed tossing and turning, your body is definitely not ready for relaxation. Get up and have that cup of hot milk. Meditate to clear your mind, listen to nature sounds and try again.

Your medications may be keeping you up

Some medications like diet pills, blood pressure, asthma or even cold medications may cause sleep problems. Be sure to check the side effects and talk to your doctor about your symptoms.

Tonight have a better night’s sleep.